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Originally known as a coconut fiber-lined wire basket company,

Austram is continuing in 2016 to expand its patented fiber clay

pot category while, at the same time, re-expanding its core

coconut fiber and wire basket business.


After the Durham, N.C., based company introduced the first coconut

fiber-lined planter to the American market in 1981,

the company expanded into multiple lines of wire baskets,

arbors, gazebos, metal benches, plant stands and garden hooks.

Three years ago, it launched into the plastic,Biodegradable and fiber clay planter markets.

Last year, it introduced the first fiber clay planters that looked like ceramic

but were much lighter, color fast, able to stay outside all year and difficult to break.

At the same time, it dramatically trimmed its wire and tubing line of products down to the most

popular styles.


For 2016, the company is expanding its fiber clay offerings by introducing

a couple new product groupings featuring upright 28"and 22" tall planters in

two multi-planter sets and an expansion into smaller sized fiber clay pots in

vibrant colors made from the company's re-converted molds that produced

last year's plastic pots. All its plastic offerings will be dropped for 2016.


In addition, Austram will be introducing a new line of coconut fiber-lined

wire baskets and plant stands which will be marketed under the name of

Odela products. The 12", 14"and16"planters all lined with the company's

exclusive knitted coconut fiber liners and the 8", 15", 21 "and 28"plant stands

will all feature our black color.


In addition to the new products, the line of biodegradable planters will

feature six new colors taken from Pantone' s most popular colors for this year.

The Palmero planters will be available in a no charge wire display, as will

the other five styles combined onto a single display.


 In addition, Austram will be adding several new sizes of its totally knitted

fiber liners and adding a second size to its most popular pole planter-one

that will accommodate poles from 6"to 7 .5" in diameter. The current planter

fits poles from 4.25" to 6".


 Austram continues to strive to produce brand new looks in its entire product

lines each year. We are very excited about all of our new and revised products

being offered for 2016.