About Austram

19 January. 2019.

1400 East Geer St. Durham, NC 27704

Inspiring outdoor elegance since 1981.


Austram is the nation’s premier provider of high-quality lawn and garden products. We produce products that are beautiful, sustainable, and affordable.

Globally recognized for producing the best coconut fiber liners, Austram also provides a variety of wire planters, fiber clay pots, watering cans, and large garden structures.


Our Mission:

Offer the best quality, service, and innovation to our customers; continually enhance and improve our line of products; and help create more elegant outdoor living spaces for people to enjoy.


Our Leadership Team:

Richard S. Mason
President & CEO
Multiflora Greenhouses, Inc.
Austram, LLC

Richard S. Mason is the President and CEO of Multiflora Greenhouses, Inc. and Austram, LLC. He is in charge of strategy, planning, and overall business operations at Multiflora Greenhouses, Inc. and has management oversight of over 60 employees representing both Multiflora Greenhouses and Austram operations.

In 2014, Mr. Mason led the successful stock acquisition of Multiflora Greenhouses, Inc. Since then, he has overseen the top-line growth of the company while creating cost containment and cost reduction programs to generate improved margins. Mr. Mason brings Multiflora’s mission to life daily and partners with his team to revolutionize current processes and create the most efficient operation possible.

To expand business offerings, in 2016, Mr. Mason executed an exclusive distribution agreement with Living Essences of Australia, creating a new brand of natural healing flower remedies. The brand, Floraceutics, is sold and distributed at Multiflora, as well as throughout the U.S. market and online.

In 2017, Mr. Mason led Multiflora’s successful asset acquisition of Austram, Inc. Austram is a U.S. leader in the lawn and garden décor business. Since the acquisition of Austram, Mr. Mason has re-branded both Multiflora and Austram to leverage the synergies between the companies and harness the potential opportunities which exist between the two market leaders.

Mr. Mason earned his B.S. degree from Cornell University with a dual major in Economics and Business Management as well as Accounting. Prior to joining Multiflora, Mr. Mason held senior leadership positions with ADP and ACS, running their Strategic Initiatives division and Business Process Outsourcing organizations. Mr. Mason also served as the Chief Sales Officer globally for BancTec, Inc.

Throughout his 35-year career, Mr. Mason has been recognized for driving corporate strategy, sparking innovation, nurturing strategic alliances, and creating community programs. He continues to apply his skills to help grow both Multiflora and Austram.


Trevor Countryman
General Manager
Austram, LLC

Trevor Countryman is the General Manager of Austram, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Multiflora Greenhouses, Inc.  He joined the team in 2017 and has brought new blood and energy to a well-known company. Mr. Countryman is in charge of planning, directing, and coordinating operations at the popular garden and lawn décor brand.

In his course of duties, Mr. Countryman is tasked with formulating useful and effective policies, managing daily operations, planning the use of materials and human resources, and purchasing. He also manages the National Sales Team, which includes 25 sales reps and multiple distributor relationships. His unique vision is propelling growth at Austram, while his friendly style ingratiates him to our customers. He is a highly engaged leader who is dedicated to seeking various avenues of success for Austram and promoting the growth of the company under the auspices of Multiflora Greenhouses.

Mr. Countryman has held various leadership and sales positions throughout his career, where he learned to build long-lasting relationships and think quickly on his feet — two skills any manager should have. He is keen on listening to his customers and adapting on the fly to accommodate all parties.

Mr. Countryman earned his B.S. degree from Pace University with a dual major in Business Management/Marketing and Criminal Justice. He was also a 4-year starter on the football team.


Timothy W. Stephens
Vice President of Sales and Logistics
Multiflora Greenhouses, Inc.

For over 20 years Timothy “Tim” Stephens has been an integral part of Multiflora Greenhouses. As a co-partner and Vice President of Sales and Logistics, Mr. Stephens oversees all sales and delivery activities and ensures that our high-quality plants are safely transported to our customers in over ten states. As part of his responsibilities, Mr. Stephens implements safety regulations and training for our fleet drivers in addition to his customer-facing responsibilities.

Mr. Stephens is the first point of contact for wholesalers and buyers. He helps customers throughout the wholesale process and manages an enthusiastic sales team who are always ready to assist. Mr. Stephens also generates all the sales reports and numbers that help keep the business running and allow us to make informed decisions.

In his time at Multiflora, Mr. Stephens has helped the company grow and build over two thousand wholesale relationships. His leadership and attention to detail help Multiflora maintain its exacting quality standards in order to deliver exceptional products. In addition to his responsibilities at Multiflora, Mr. Stephens also provides support with building the Austram brand and other Multiflora initiatives. He is truly a team player!

Before becoming a highly-valued member of the Multiflora team, Mr. Stephens served as a proud member of the U.S. Navy from 1987 – 1991. During Desert Storm onboard the U.S.S. Enterprise CVN-65. He also cut his teeth as a sales leader at Safeco Corporation.

Mr. Stephens is a loving husband, an avid reader, and a big sports fan. A look around his office makes it clear that he’s a huge supporter of the U.S. Navy and Duke athletics — and the latter often puts him in the crosshairs of some good-natured ribbing from his colleagues and customers.


Johannes “Hans” Lenselink
Head Grower & Vice President of Operations
Multiflora Greenhouses, Inc.

Johannes “Hans” Lenselink has been in charge of Multiflora Greenhouses’ growing operation for over 20 years and is a co-partner at Multiflora. As the Head Grower and Vice President of Operations, he is responsible for directing, hiring, and training staff; managing crop production; maintaining greenhouse facilities; assessing and implementing new techniques; total quality management; and overall property management. Mr. Lenselink is also responsible for identifying and evaluating new plant varieties and programs that yield a quality plant and which will drive demand in our existing markets.

Mr. Lenselink was recently honored at Cultivate ‘18 where he was named Head Grower of the Year and received the Excellence in Process Improvement Award. He continues to evaluate and equip our greenhouse operation with technology that will sustain the business, improve productivity, and drive higher degrees of operational efficiency for years to come. Mr. Lenselink is an active participant in horticulture programs and stays current with new products and growing techniques.

Mr. Lenselink is fluent in 5 different languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, French, and German. This offers a distinct advantage in the greenhouse with his staff and also lends itself nicely to the global nature of the horticulture industry. He leverages his global knowledge in the industry to help Multiflora deal with and procure supplies from reputable vendors, some of whom are located outside the U.S.

Mr. Lenselink earned his horticulture degree from the College of Larenstein in Holland. Before joining Multiflora, he honed his skills at a well-known greenhouse operation in Holland. As a young professional, he spent time in Costa Rica, expanding his business skills and growing his expertise in the horticulture industry. Mr. Lenselink also met his future wife Leda in Costa Rica.

He currently resides in Hillsborough, NC, with his wife.


Johanna Ashley
Corporate Controller
Multiflora Greenhouses Inc.
Austram LLC

Johanna ‘Jo’ Ashley joined the Multiflora team in October 2015 as our financial controller, and she has quickly become an indispensable part of a growing operation.

Ms. Ashley is responsible for accounting, office administration, human resources, organizational strategies, and general business operations for both Multiflora Greenhouses and Austram.

Ms. Ashley has over 20 years of experience, and before becoming a beloved member of the Multiflora team, she held senior finance positions in the construction and manufacturing industries and in logistics operations. Her previous positions allowed her to hone her business skills while also learning about a variety of industries. In her role at Multiflora, she continues to seek the most effective methods for maintaining accurate and up-to-date records. She keeps the team informed with the latest financial information and is an integral part of the decision-making process at both Multiflora and Austram.

Outside of MGI, Ms. Ashley is a proud mother of three sons. She loves spending time with her grandsons, Bryson and Eli. Ms. Ashley enjoys cooking or getting to play a round of golf anywhere, but her love of all things Carolina Tar Heels make for a fun, competitive office rivalry year-round.