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14 November. 2018.

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Backyard Planter Ideas for Any Gardener Level

When it comes to designing your backyard, it can be hard to decide where to start. With so many different pots, benches, gazebos, and accessories out there, planning your ideal backyard space can feel like a bit overwhelming. With Austram products, however, it’s impossible to go wrong. Our variety of planters, benches, arbors, and more can help you inject color, style, and elegance into your backyard product. Here are some backyard planter ideas for any gardener level to help you get started.

Maximize Space with Hanging Planters

Even if you have a small backyard space, there’s enough room for a hanging planter. Hanging planters allow you to enjoy your favorite flowers, plants, or herbs without giving up any valuable floor space.

To suspend your hanging basket, you’ll need something from which it can hang. Hook screws can easily be inserted into joists to allow you to hang a plant. Alternatively, plants can be hung from exposed beams, decorative wall-mounted hanging brackets, pole brackets, and garden hooks.

Not all hanging baskets look the same, so you can also play with style and size when it comes to your baskets. For example, Lotus hanging baskets feature a distinctive metal petal design and come in a black zinc-plated, powder-coated finish to prevent rust, whereas our Dogwood hanging bowl planter features a grey-speckled ceramic look.

If you don’t have a good location from which to hang a planter, garden hooks can help you create your desired look. Garden hooks allow you to suspend one or more hanging planters and can be placed anywhere as long as the ground is even. Our 4-arm planter combined with two Seine hanging pots and two Dogwood hanging pots would be a visual treat. Play with different flowers, ferns, and grassy plants to add further texture and color.

You can also hang troughs from deck banisters using rail mounts. Imagine a convenient herb garden right off your deck! A trough lined with coco moss is ideal for a small herb garden.

Add Color With Planters and Accessories

Planters don’t have to be boring! With Austram planters, you can add color to your backyard or let your plants be the star of the show.

Our distinct Timberblend pots, such as our ever-popular Pumpkin Pot, allow you to put your personality into your backyard design. Consider the subtle beauty of our Nile and Danube lines, which is transformed by an injection of bright hues.

Pairing flowers with specific colors of pots can help expand your backyard theme beyond your lounge furniture and accessories. For example, if your outdoor decorations tend towards the nautical or Americana, combining our Royal Blue Nile pot with white daisies or a mix of red and white blooms can help tie the theme together. Add our popular red watering can for extra oomph.

Speaking of watering cans, they aren’t just useful, they also lend some whimsy to your backyard. The classic styling combined with rich colors of our watering cans creates an arresting visual that harkens to a simpler time.

Vary Heights with Pedestals and Garden Hooks

When everything is the same height, the eye can get bored. Having pots and planters at varying heights creates an engaging scene. To achieve this look, you’ll want to make use of pedestals and garden hooks. Pedestals simply look like small tables and are meant to hold one planter. They come in varying heights and can be used individually or grouped together. For example, you can group three pedestals of varying heights, placing a planter on each and a planter in front. By configuring it correctly, with the tallest pedestal in the back, you can create the sense of a cascade of plants.

Garden hooks, on the other hand, allow you to place hanging plants on your patio or anywhere where you have even ground. They have one or more hooks from which to hang your preferred planters and come in a variety of style.A shepherd hook or double shepherd hook allows you to hang plants from anywhere in your garden, allowing you to sprinkle hanging plants along your garden beds or beside the lounge chair under your favorite tree.

Play With Size and Style

One size does not fit all. So why only use one size (or style) of planter?

When it comes to creating an attractive collection of items, using different sizes and styles can help keep the eye engaged. You can choose a unifying element such as color or material and then select various planters in different sizes and styles that fit with your theme.

Imagine a collection composed of three differently sized Nile planters in the Sky Blue Marble colorway featuring your favorite herbs. Or substitute alternative styles in the same color provide more visual interest.

Create Moments By Combining Elements

Create a unique space by combining a colorful Austram bench or chair with a panoply of pots and accessories. When trying to create such a space, consider how you will use it. If you’re looking to have a nice reading spot in your backyard, start with a comfortable chair or bench. Ensure you can easily reach it. Then think about what elements you want to combine that will help bring your vision to life. Are you dreaming of an arbor with a bench? Perhaps flanked by shepherd hooks with your favorite verbena hanging from them?

Fun accessories and lighting can help elevate your backyard design and help make it into a useful space you can’t wait to get back to!

Backyard planter ideas are practically limitless! Remember to play with color, size, style, and height to craft new combinations and craft a uniquely “you” backyard. Whether you’re new to gardening or a pro, Austram planters and backyard products can help enhance your green thumb and help you create a welcoming backyard environment.

Creating your ideal backyard is as easy as stopping by your local Austram dealer. Find your nearest garden center on our homepage.