Coco Liner Templates for Austram Planters

12 December. 2018.

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Coco Liner Templates for Austram Planters

Whether you prefer the Queen Anne Hanging Planter or the Lotus Trough, having a coco liner that fits is important. You coco liner will help keep your soil situated in your preferred planter, basket, or trough and enhance the look of your planter.

To make lining your planter, basket, trough easier, we’ve developed templates for our popular lines. To make your own liner, simply purchase the specified coco moss roll and cut to the provided measurements. We also offer pre-formed liners, which can be found at your favorite Austram dealer.

Download the .pdf for your planter model:

Classix and ProGro Templates
Diana and Hampton Templates
Queen Anne Templates

Each .pdf features the various models for each line and provides their unique specifications. When printing your template, take note of which page you’d like to print and enter it in the printing prompt so you don’t inadvertently print the whole document.


Why Coco Liners Are Our Preferred Liners

You’ve probably noticed that most of our hanging baskets and planters are pictured with coco liners. We’ve found that coco liners, which are sometimes called coir liners, are exceptional for our various planter styles. Not only do they conform to the size and shape of our lovely baskets, planters, and troughs, they also add their own natural style.

Coco liners are lightweight, making them ideal for hanging planters. Their neutral pH works well with plants. Plus, because they’re made from coconuts, they are eco-friendly. Coco liners hold and absorb water, and they drain well too.

Coco fiber liners also allow you to experiment with your hanging plants. A spacious wire planter lined with coco moss allows for plants to be embedded in the sides of the planters, as well as on the top. This can help provide a fuller look and provide home gardeners with a bit more creative license.