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14 November. 2018.

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Gardening Tips to Pass on to Your Customers

Helping your customers goes beyond carrying excellent products. They also rely on your know-how. Here are some tips to share with your customers as they’re shopping to help them make the best choices for their gardening and to help them increase their planting knowledge. Hopefully, they’ll ensure your customers have an enjoyable shopping and gardening experience!

Tips For Plant Selection

When your customers are looking for new plants to place in their gorgeous Austram planters, let them know to check beyond the hardiness zone. Have them consider where they’ll be placing their new planter and how much sunlight it will be getting in that location. Let them know that for any plant they pick to thrive in its new environment, it will need to be well-suited for the amount of sun the planter will receive.

You’ll likely be able to spot new faces coming into your garden center or store. This is a great opportunity to offer encouragement and assistance. If they appear to be new to gardening in general, you can teach them how to check the health of a plant and provide them with resources like a favorite gardening website.

To check the health of a plant, your customers should look at the leaves and stems. Point out what healthy growth looks like—strong stems with green leaves as opposed to leggy stems and sad, droopy leaves—and share information about how you ensure plant quality. In addition, tell them that they should always check the bottom of the plant and that if the roots are sticking out of the pot, it may be pot-bound. Providing such help and honestly trying to give them the best advice so that they’ll succeed in their gardening endeavor will help you establish trust with your customers—and trust breeds loyalty. That means the next time they’re thinking about stopping at a garden center, they’ll head your way.

For new gardeners, direct them to hardy plants that tend to be easy to grow. For example, basil is great for those who also enjoy cooking and sunflowers, dahlias, and clematis will flower for even a vaguely green thumb. Of course, there will always be gardeners that want to jump right into more temperamental plants. Offer what advice or support you can and let them enjoy the process.

Tips for Potting Plants

For novices, it may seem silly that there’s actually a particular way you should pot your plants. Thankfully, that’s where you and your staff can inform them as they’re picking their plants and pots, helping them increase their chances of gardening success.

If a newbie gardener visits your garden center, be sure to share how to pot plants properly. For standing pots, let them know they’ll want to add some rocks at the bottom of their pot to allow for proper drainage. (This is a great time to discuss root health, too!) Help them choose an ideal potting mix for their plant type and describe the process of removing the plant from its nursery pot and placing it into its new home. Also, let them know that when the plant is a particular size, it will need to be moved to a larger pot.

For hanging planters, your customers may want to know about how many plants they can place in a planter. Creating a unique hanging planter by choosing a variety of plants and flowers is pretty fun. Help them consider the size of the plants they are planning on putting in the hanging planter and assist them in finding a lightweight potting mix that will help their plants thrive. Also, let your customers know that coco fiber liners for hanging planters should be replaced yearly.

Tips for Feeding Your Plants

These feeding tips can help save your customers some unnecessary headaches by ensuring they are taking care of the soil in which they place their plants.

New gardeners will benefit from learning about plant food, especially if they are primarily planting in containers or are planning on growing heavy feeders. Share with them the benefits of using plant food and which type may be best for their plants. Also, let them know how frequently their plants should be fed. This is a great time to share your in-store practices or your own personal plant feeding practices.

For your established green thumbs who plant outdoors, make sure they know to let their compost settle in the soil before planting. Compost should be added two to three weeks before planting so it will mix well.

Tips for Taking Care of Plants

Unless you’re in the business or have been gardening for a while, deadheading probably sounds like something that happens to zombies or at a jam band concert. This is unfortunate because it’s a great way for your customers to get the most from their plants. If you help a customer choose a plant that will benefit from deadheading, make sure they know about the practice so they can enjoy as many blooms as possible. When your customers succeed in their growing endeavors, you benefit. Give them the advice you’d want to receive in their situation and watch them grow as gardeners.

Austram: Committed to Elegance and Customer Service

At Austram, we want to make it easy to connect with your customers about gardening. Our popular planters can be great conversation starters and can help your customers craft elegant backyards they can’t wait to get back home to. To make helping your customers even easier, we recently added coco liner templates to our website. Now creating custom liners from our coco moss rolls is as simple as measuring and cutting. We’re thrilled to offer this resource and hope to continue to offer advice and resources to help our dealers do what they do best.

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