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12 December. 2018.

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Give them more of the outdoor garden elegance they want.

Inspiring outdoor elegance since 1981.


Austram is the nation’s premier provider of high-quality lawn and garden products. Our products are beautiful, sustainable and affordable. Globally recognized for providing the best coconut fiber liniers, Austram also provides a variety of wire planters, fiber clay pots, watering cans, and large garden structures.

Our mission is simple: Offer the best quality, service and innovation to outdoor decorative products for the outdoor living space.

Depending on your climate an Austram liner will last three to five years and possibly even longer with just a minimal amount of care. In wintery areas, when the growing season ends, simply compost the plant and store the basket and liner in your shed or garage until the next season. Leaving the unplanted basket outside for the winter will shorten the life of both the basket and liner. In year round climates, simply rotate out plants as needed and the liner should last for three years.

All our watering cans are galvanized to inhibit rusting and assure long life cycle. The watering cans and vases are available in multi sizes for multi use. The mini watering cans are perfect for decorative use. Watering cans are also available in 1, 1.5 and 2 gallon sizes. All are offered in several very decorative colors.

Timberblend is a patented fiber-clay material which is more resistant to breakage and lighter than comparable products made of other materials. They contain anti-UV and aging additives, are environmentally friendly so they can be re-cycled and can withstand temperatures ranging from 40 degrees below zero to 158 degrees above (Fahrenheit). The products include pumpkin planters, oval planter, urns, large diameter planters and marble like finished planters