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12 December. 2018.

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The benefits of Coconut fiber.

Globally recognized for producing the best Coconut fiber.


Coconut fiber is the organic material found between the soft outer shell and hard inner shell of the coconut. Its function is to protect the fruit of the coconut, and in its natural state is resistant to disease and insect infestation. In 1981, Austram introduced the first coconut fiber-lined planter to the American market. Our Coco Fiber is unique as it is woven from 100% natural coconut fiber. I has a low ph and sale content, is biodegradable, and naturally resistant to fungi, rot and saltwater damage It is made from mature coconuts, ensuring durability and exceptional quality.

Austram produces Preformed Liners, as well as Coco liner material by roll. Our Liner material is all natural, and non-glued. It is thick enough to hold soil, while still providing optimum drainage an aeration. This allows for healthy pant growth and prevents root rot.

Coco Moss, or loose Coco Fiber, can also be used for planting baskets. Another benefit of Austram Coco Moss is that it has a high water retention capacity, while allowing plants to breathe. This makes the liner easy to rehydrate, and ensures plants will needs less frequent watering. Coco Moss also has natural antifungal properties, preventing soil born diseases.