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19 January. 2019.

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The Advantages of Having a Wholesale Garden Decor Supplier You Trust

Not all wholesalers are created equally. This rings true for aspiring and current garden center owners as well as for other retailers who rely on wholesalers for their inventory. When you find a wholesaler you can trust, it’s important to maintain that relationship. After all, in a wholesale supplier/retailer relationship, you are both working towards the same ends—selling products to meet customer demand. A trustworthy wholesale garden decor supplier isn’t just dedicated to increasing their profits—they want to help you increase yours. Here are some reasons why partnering with a wholesale supplier you trust matters.

Quality Products and The Information You Need

First and foremost, the expectation when working with a reliable garden decor wholesaler is that you will receive the quality products they advertise. During the ordering process, product information should be clear so you’ll know what will be in your shipment. Everything from colors, case quantity, and product materials and measurements should be laid out for you.

In addition, your wholesaler should be prepared to offer you all the information you need to make an informed ordering choice. For example, if you’re concerned that certain gardening products won’t stand up to a harsh Minnesota winter, your wholesaler should be able to provide you with an honest appraisal of the best products for your area.

Continuing with our example of snow-filled Minnesota winters, which have a tendency to drop down below zero, a knowledgeable wholesaler would highlight products that could handle temperature shifts. At Austram, we know that such temperature changes can damage clay pots. In contrast, our specially formulated fiber clay pots can withstand temperatures of -40F to 158F (let’s hope it never gets that hot in Minnesota!). When working with garden centers, we’re quick to point this out in areas that face temperature changes because

Any wholesaler you speak with should be able to tell you both the benefits and features of your products so you can consider your customers’ needs and wants when placing an order.

Attentive Customer Service

Have you ever reached out to a wholesaler with a concern and been left on hold for what felt like hours? Or sent an email and failed to get a response?

When you build a relationship with a trustworthy wholesaler, you benefit from attentive customer service. A good wholesaler shouldn’t just wait for you to reach out either, they should ask for your feedback as well. After all, as a retailer, you have the opportunity to discuss customers’ needs directly with the people who frequent your shop. For a wholesaler, that’s valuable information that can help them innovate and redesign products in a way that will sell better for you and better meet the desires of your customers.

At Austram, we don’t just want to hear from our suppliers when they order or come across an issue. We love to receive feedback and actively seek it out. We are always looking for ways to improve so we can better serve both our retailers and their customers.


In addition to products, some wholesalers go above and beyond by ensuring their retailers have the resources they need to sell their products. With tips for selling and ordering or additional product information to buttress customer interest, a wholesaler who not only believes in their products but who is committed to helping sell them is a valuable partner indeed!

The best part of good support? Rather than feeling like just another retailer, you feel like you’re a part of a larger team that is all working together.


A quality garden decor wholesale supplier will be committed to getting your products to you in a timely fashion. They’ll share the latest shipping information so you’ll be able to focus on planning for your incoming inventory rather than worrying about when your latest shipment will arrive. This can be a major problem when ordering from international wholesalers.

Austram, which is based in North Carolina, aims to meet all its shipment obligations in a timely fashion. We clearly communicate shipment times so you’ll know when to expect your goods and can plan accordingly. That’s just one of the ways we respect out retailers.

Good Financing Terms

Part of being in a wholesale relationship with a supplier is that, in addition to special pricing, you can receive financing terms to help you get products into your shop quickly. The terms vary from wholesaler to wholesaler, however, when you build a good relationship with a wholesale supplier you trust, you’ll often find that their financing terms truly take into account the value of your relationship. A quality wholesale supplier like Austram will be motivated to offer you financing terms that will help you sell product and grow. When you’re dealing with a disreputable wholesaler, on the other hand, you may feel like you’re being raked over the coals or being pushed to accept terms you don’t agree with.

Find a Wholesale Garden Decor Supplier That Works With You

A wholesaler-retailer relationship isn’t a one-way street. When you find a wholesaler you trust, you should feel that you are being listened to that and that your needs are being met. Find that trustworthy wholesaler isn’t always easy, but when you finally connect, it can be an invaluable relationship for both parties.

At Austram, we know how important it is to find a wholesale garden decor supplier you can trust. That’s why we value our relationships with our garden center partners matter so much — we know you have other choices and we are so pleased that you have chosen to work with us. Emphasis on the “with.” Your input and support help make Austram better and we will always continue to strive to exceed your expectations and to provide you with the highest quality garden decor products your customers want.

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